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Anxiety Therapy in Cherry Creek

Psychotherapist in Denver

Life can certainly be difficult at times, and many people experience anxiety at one point or another. Anxiety can often be the result of a stressor, but there are also individuals who suffer from chronic anxiety that can severely interfere with the quality of their day to day lives. In either case, anxiety can make things incredibly difficult and you may feel overwhelmed as a result. If you are suffering from anxiety, then Scott Kohner MSW, LCSW may be able to provide you with anxiety counseling and therapy here in Cherry Creek. Our psychotherapist in Denver, CO can help provide you with the support and the guidance that you need in order to navigate difficult situations and overcome your anxiety.

Psychotherapist in Denver, CO

Psychotherapist in Denver, CO

Anxiety comes in many forms and it can strike at different times and for different reasons. For people with chronic anxiety, anxiety attacks may occur whenever a significant amount of stress or worry afflicts the individual, and it may be triggered by specific or random events – each person is different and sometimes different people operate on a case to case basis. Others may experience anxiety as a result of a specific event or occurrence that has brought on feelings of anxiety, worry and stress, even if they have no history of chronic anxiety or similar disorders. With the help of our psychotherapist in Denver, CO, Scott Kohner MSW, LCSW you can learn how to better understand yourself and your anxiety in order to overcome it. With anxiety counseling or anxiety therapy in Cherry Creek, Scott Kohner MSW, LCSW can get to know you and your anxiety a little better. Once your experiences are better understood, a solution may be found with the right approach and the right mindset.


Dealing with anxiety can be incredibly stressful on top of the stress that dealing with this feeling can already cause. It can be debilitating for many individuals and it can make daily life difficult. Here with our psychotherapist in Denver, CO, Scott Kohner MSW, LCSW you can get the help and guidance that you need with anxiety counseling and anxiety therapy here in Cherry Creek.

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