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Denver Psychotherapist

Individual counseling in Denver

Denver psychotherapist

Denver psychotherapist

If you are looking for a psychotherapist who will be able to provide you with individual counseling and effective psychotherapy, you will want to visit our therapy practice, Scott Kohner MSW LCSW. At our psychotherapy practice, we offer individual, group, and family therapy. Our office is in the Cherry Creek area of Denver. When you want to see a Denver psychotherapist who truly can make a difference in the quality of your life, you will do well to come and visit our dedicated psychotherapist, Scott Kohner.

When Scott works with his patients, he helps them to have a better understanding of themselves and others. He also has a special interest in helping people improve their communication skills so that they can have improved relationships with others. These skills will allow you to become more satisfied with yourself and with the other relationships in your life. Even though people do love you, they may not instinctually understand how to help you with your emotional distress. Sometimes when people in your life cannot communicate effectively with you, this can leave you feeling alone and afraid, and you may begin to fear that your situation will never improve. However, therapy with our Denver psychotherapist can help this to change in your life.

Our Denver psychotherapist successfully works with both children and adults. Among the areas that our psychotherapists helps people with are: anxiety, depression, substance abuse, trauma, grief, loss, relationship problems, and self-esteem problems. Our psychotherapist is nonjudgmental, empathetic, and authentic when working with his patients. When you come to our practice for individual therapy, you will benefit from the therapy in many ways; it will help you look at the issues in your life in new ways. This will help you to discover new solutions for your seemingly unsurmountable problems. Your treatment may span different types of modalities including psychodynamic approaches, cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing, emotionally focused therapy, and solution focused therapy. Our psychotherapist will work with you in a way that will be most relevant to you, and will help you the most in your particular life situation. For an appointment to meet with our psychotherapist, we hope you will contact our office today.

4900 Cherry Creek Dr S. #11
Denver, CO 80246
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